As we have grown as a business, we have been commonly asked "Hey, what else can I do? I use the supplements, I train, I'm sleeping better, I'm recovering better, but I want more." After receiving the "we want more" request more and more, we are officially launching the Paragon Consulting service. Feel free to reach out with your specific requests for a short consultation and quote on further recovery habits.

We have been working with elite level athletes and veterans/first responders who are in desperate need of self preservation. Their bodies are their livelihoods. You too can benefit from what the pros do. Our consulting services will be as broad or as specific as requested. 

Services include:

  • Travel to better equip your home to aid in recovery for optimal results using scientifically proven techniques/modalities
  • Workout and work/personal schedule review with a specific, personalized recovery habit plan
  • Meditation, sleep hygiene, and nutritional techniques
  • Travel techniques to reduce stress, anxiety, and poor recovery
  • Sport and sport-specific schedule review to optimize recovery

Who we work with:

  • Professional Athletes
  • CrossFit Athletes
  • Active Duty and Veteran Military Personnel
  • Firefighters, law enforcement, & EMS personnel
  • Endurance Athletes
  • Individuals experiencing stress/anxiety/poor sleep due to work or personal experiences
  • Individuals seeking more optimal recovery habits for quality of life improvement