Product Information

This product is a blend of complementary herbs to support a healthy response to biological stress.

List of ingredients and brief benefits:

  • Holy Basil: Adaptogenic Herb for anti-stress and pro-vitality properties*
  • Tumeric Extract: Curcumin is an anti-inflammatory substance that has shown to decrease pain*
  • Ginger Extract: Reduction in inflammation, nausea, and muscle soreness*
  • GreenTea Extract: Reduction in inflammation and muscle soreness and a host of other qualities*
  • Boswellin: Inhibitory of pro-inflammatory enzyme 5-LOX*
  • Bromelain: Protein digesting enzyme with anti-inflammatory properties*
  • Baikal Skullcap: Neuroprotective/cognitive enhancement*
  • Resveratal: Positive effects on insulin sensitivity, heart health, and long-term health*
  • Berberine: Anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory properties*


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.

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5 Stars
Flame Off

I've been battling a hip impingement for about a year now. I started taking Flame Off a few months ago and within two weeks I felt better than I had in the past 8 months. This product works. There's no question about it.

5 Stars

Love the energy catalyst provides with only the necessary ingredients(no fillers)

5 Stars
Flame Off Works

I love this product! Its a healthier and better alternative to taking NSAIDs (I.e Ibuprofen, Naproxen). With heavy lifting, the wear and tear of working out + career + age, this is perfect for antiinflamatorio and to help recover.

5 Stars
Flame Off

I've had hip pain for the past seven months and after taking Flame Off for just two weeks now the pain has cut in half! It's crazy how well it works!

5 Stars
Rob Gibbons

Love this stuff. Since I’ve been taking it a lot less back pain and no more headaches.

5 Stars

Just used and shared this amazing product on a 600 mile, 6 day bike ride. It made a world of difference! Amazing natural ingredients! I highly recommend!!

5 Stars
Flame Off

Great product. High purity and quality, and it's helped tremendously with recovery, joint pain, and general aches. Some additional side benefits have included better digestion and mental clarity. Highly recommend this formula!

5 Stars
Flame Off

Over the last year my knee has had significant inflammation due to meniscus tear and baker cyst, I was using another product for inflammation but not seeing results. Within two weeks of using Flame Off the inflammation dramatically improved! I highly recommend Flame Off!

5 Stars
Worked for me.

I am a full time firefighter and this has helped with my knee inflammation. It does take a few weeks of taking regularly but when I ran out I noticed an increase in inflammation. Great product!

4 Stars
New customer

I am a new customer to Paragon, but so far I have enjoyed taking the product. I used to take another brand and waited a few weeks to see if I noticed a difference. Looked around on the internet and found this and I have enjoyed how I feel when I wake up in the morning after taking it before bed.

5 Stars
Feel great and have tons of energy

I've been taking Flame Off for a month and notice that I am feeling great and have more energy. I have a stressful job (at times) and go without sleep for long periods. Flame Off helps me keep my immunity up and my focus. Thanks for a great product...