The Paragon Method

by Paul Yanzer

Part One

The Paragon Method of Recovery starts and end with light. It is one of three constants throughout the course of human evolution, the other two being water and magnetism, and the most disrupted signaling mechanism we can address in the modern world. Nutrition is usually tackled first due to the obvious role it plays in our health, but the light we receive plays a role in how humans process nutrients and even the way our microbiome helps process nutrients. The studies below show, in a small way, how this is possible and can help direct nutrient timing, sleep, recovery, and overall well-being:

Glucose management:

Intracellular Calcium levels:

Ghrelin and Leptin levels:

Sex hormones and Fertility:

Our modern way of living is merely a blip on the radar of human evolution, and as such, we are still required to access pathways of health that are ingrained in our DNA. The Paragon Method of Recovery is unique in that we recognize this modern disconnect and approach health, fitness, and recovery from the perspective that we are still connected to the rules of nature on this planet. Humans are diurnal (we function on a 24 hour light/dark cycle and are active during the day), magnetic fields have the capability of affecting cellular function (specifically the energy production and health of mitochondria), and we are comprised mostly of water. These three evolutionary constants are central to our health and this blog series will being to shed light on how we can regain our health in spite of our societal norms and 24-hour work schedules.

I will be the test subject as I document my recovery from the years I spent working multiple jobs, starting two businesses, helping manage a family of 5, and having a laundry list of major projects around the home. For the last year and a half, my days started at 6am, many times earlier, and ended close to midnight as I attempted to provide the best for my family while diving into my thirst to understand how the body works relative to how the universe has unfolded. This lifestyle has affected my memory, aging, resilience to sickness, and my psychology. Numerous concussions have made me more susceptible to certain stimulus and I have received a diagnosis of post-concussion syndrome years after my last head injury. When Paragon Recovery was formed, I had the opportunity to test my theories and had great success in my physical and mental wellbeing and resilience to stimuli that normally would make me nauseous, angry, or unable to get my thoughts into coherent conversation.

Our methods produce results over time and we’ve had great success directing others toward health through recovery.We are excited to share this knowledge and look forward to continuing to provide a top notch service to communities that have sacrificed their health to better our world.