Seven Effective Tips for Healthy Sleep: Part 2

Posted by Paul Yanzer on Mar 8th 2017


In Part Two of this series we take a look at an obvious, but often times difficult to implement, tip for healthy sleep:

Get away from your TV/computer/phone screens

This tip could have been included in the first, but it is important enough to have its own section. LCD and LED displays/lighting is shifted toward the blue spectrum. Notice the difference in light spectrum output in the picture below and how most lighting sources are lacking in the red spectrum. Now think about the red light shift of the evening sky. This is what our circadian rhythm expects before going to bed. Blue light is meant for early in the day. Try to keep it there.

Staring at a blue light shifted screen all evening prevents the body from releasing melatonin which is needed  preparing to shut down for the night. I understand this is not always possible due to the nature of the way our world works, but set some rules for screen usage and stick to them.

Avoid using any electronics an hour or more before bed. If you must use a device or watch some television, put on some blue blocker glasses (not really sexy but neither is the Snuggie you're bundled up with on the couch), keep the screen as dim as possible, and install f.lux or another spectrum shifting app for your phone or computer screen. Your eyes and your sleep with thank you.

Keep your devices out of the bedroom. If needed for an alarm put it in a drawer to prevent the temptation to look at the screen when you should be sleeping. Most people don’t need to receive any updates during the middle of the night so put the phone in airplane mode if you can. It will prevent exposure to electromagnetic frequencies that interfere with sleep.

These are some simple tips that will drastically improve your sleep. Try it for a few nights and let us know how it went.

Stay tuned for the next post in this series. If you'd like to jump start your bedtime routine or need extra help getting to sleep due to shift work or other aspects of the daily grind check out NightGainz in our store.