Perpetual Autumn

Posted by Paul Yanzer on Oct 13th 2018

Quelling Inflammation with Ketosis and Steric Chemistry/Our modern world is a perpetual Autumn. We always have access to food that historically (over millions of years of human evolution) has only bee … read more

Are lower zinc levels a cause for concern for heart failure?

Posted by Paul Yanzer on Apr 16th 2018

Heart Failure, Serum Zinc Levels, and Dietary Interventions for SuccessHeart disease/heart failure is a complex topic to discuss. There are many influences and risk factors involved in the elevated ri … read more

Welcome Shelby Neal

Apr 8th 2018

Paragon Fitness and Nutrition is excited to announce that Shelby Neal is joining the team!Shelby is 17 years old and lives in Wake Forest, North Carolina. She has been involved in CrossFit for 3 years … read more

We Are A Puzzle

Jan 8th 2018

In the past few years, more and more focus has been placed on first responder health. We’re frequently perplexed by the elusiveness of total health and wellness. We’ve wondered why we put on weight … read more

​Its New Year’s Eve, not “New Level of HangOver’s” Eve

Posted by Paul Yanzer on Dec 31st 2017

We’d like to wish you all a happy, healthy, and safe New Year from our family to yours. To help you celebrate we’re releasing this last-minute guide to reducing your chances or severity of a hangove … read more