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With the 2018 Farm Bill legalizing hemp and hemp derived products, we have brought CBD to our product lineup. Not only does it fit perfectly with our recovery model, it is also a great add on to any other Paragon Recovery product.

We only use hemp grown in the USA. We are developing relationships with the farmers who grow the hemp used to make our products so we can ensure only the highest quality, organic hemp gets used in our products. 

Paragon CBD is processed by ethanol extraction and then distilled to create an ultra pure, full spectrum oil rich in phytocannabinoids. We use organic, coconut derived MCT oil as a carrier oil, creating a product with 2 ingredients; Organic MCT Oil and >99.9% CBD Isolate.

2100mg: 1mL serving contains 70mg CBD


*THC not detected in 3rd party analysis*

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4 Stars
Thanks Eamon...I am feeling better

Thanks to Eamon for his knowledge on CBD and what it could do for me. I am about a month in and I can say I see the difference. I am glad to know that its a superior product and not the over the counter mess that's out there. Thanks again E MAN.

5 Stars
Awesome sleep

I have heard so many great things about CBD oil, so I bought this to see if I would notice any changes. I’m stoked that there is no THC in it, and I have not had a problem sleeping since the first day I started taking it. I used to struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep. It’s so nice to be able to sleep throughout the night and not toss and turn before falling asleep